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Speed up Your Daily Routine with Multi-modality Reading and Reporting

Pressure and workload in radiology are constantly rising: more cases per day, more cost pressure, higher expectations.
As an intelligent, integrated imaging software, syngo.via helps you to address and overcome these issues. It offers multi-modality reading and fast 3D results to speed up daily routine. It includes the latest innovations and AI-enabled features to take your reading to the next level. In addition, it enables you to extend and customize your reading and reporting capabilities with an open platform.

Reading as it should be: open & ready

If you aim to push the limits of your profession, syngo.via1 is your tool to do so. If you’d rather increase your efficiency than your workload, syngo.via is your solution – for even greater diagnostic confidence. With its excellent performance, it is ready to establish 3D as your standard reading mode.

Simplifying Routine

Multi-modality reading and reporting to speed up your daily routine

Optimized loading performance for even better routine reading

  • Speed up your routine reading capabilities with the faster MM Reading

Simple and intuitive UI and series handling

  • Drag & drop your panels to customize your user interface and maximize your image space
  • Simple creation and saving of layouts for multiple series

New routine tools ready to cover even more in MM Reading

  • Vessel Plug-in extended for MR studies and now including creation of findings
  • Time curve tool and 4D toolbar for multi-phase series
  • Document results on the fly with save series

Empowering Innovation

Enabling you to boost your diagnostic performance with the latest technologies

Cinematic VRT – jaw-dropping images become interactive

  • Interactive Cinematic VRT renderings in full resolution mode for enhanced communication possibilities
  • Measure 3D distance lines in MIP, VRT and Cinematic VRT

Artificial intelligence – ready to innovate your reading

  • Automatic and interactive contouring tools for powerful and fast Segmentation
  • Lung CAD tool integrated in MM Reading

Flexible subscription offering allows you to optimize costs and value of your syngo.via system

  • Flexible access to modality packages and broad clinical capabilities
  • Evergreen solution incl. service and training plan with easy extension of users and contract
  • Transparent budget planning and operationalization of costs

Broaden your virtualization possibilities

  • Optimize your IT infrastructure with the flexible syngo.via virtualized deployments

For more information https://www.healthcare.siemens.com/medical-imaging-it/advanced-visualization-solutions/syngovia/features?

April 12, 2018 Angiography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, Mammography, Robotic X-Ray, Urology
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