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Product Catalog

Each of our solutions and proposals are based on thorough analysis of the needs of each client. In other words, we provide individualized solutions. Conscious of the need to provide an exceptional after-sales service, we place at your service our team of professionals in Puerto Rico and South Florida, and companies we represent.

Robotic X-Ray1

Robotic Advanced X-ray technology (RAX) delivers a combination of high asset utilization, new clinical insights including natural Real 3D1, and less patient positioning and transfers.


Sharper images the smarter way – for more efficient urology interventions.


With Siemens pioneering ultrasound technologies, your patients can depend on you to provide accurate diagnoses and help them to make the best decisions for their care.


Siemens family of digital, analog, and portable radiography equipment helps improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and workflow efficiency in any healthcare setting.

Molecular Imaging4

Answering to clinical needs in radiology, oncology, neurology and cardiology, Siemens molecular imaging systems provide PET/CT, SPECT and hybrid SPECT scanner (SPECT/CT) solutions to help clinicians more confidentially diagnose, treat and monitor disease.


Siemens mammography systems mark a new era in breast care imaging offering uncompromised image quality, up to 30% lower dose, greater patient comfort, and improved clinical and administrative workflow.

Magnetic Resonance5

We have a wide magnetic resonance portfolio that meet the needs of our customers ranging from 0.35 tesla to 3 tesla.


Remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems with the x-ray tube over the patient table.

Computed Tomography5

We have the most versatile and efficient computed tomography systems, both for daily medical practice and for clinical investigations. Siemens are the leaders in innovation of this modality.


Siemens mobile C-arms set new benchmarks and greatly contribute to excelente prescition in the OR – form image quality to operability, from versatility to efficiency


We offer a broad portfolio of interventional imaging systems to cover all clinical needs in radiology, cardiology and surgery.