February 15, 2023 by Ruben Garcia 0 Comments

Artificial Intelligence Is Here!

(Don’t) Be Afraid, (Don’t) Be Very Afraid


y now, we have all seen it, Artificial Intelligence has gone mainstream! In recent days, you couldn’t watch any news broadcast or listen to any podcast without hearing about the Artificial Intelligence service called ChatGPT. If this was your first exposure to Artificial Intelligence you probably thought that it was a sudden development that came to be, basically, overnight.


For some people, sudden developments such as this one can be downright scary, but you shouldn’t fear, because the reality is that behind the scenes very smart people have been working on this and other AI solutions for many decades now. It just so happens that in the year 2023 we finally have the computing power and technical knowledge to finally make AI useful in a myriad of ways.


For example, ChatGPT is an attractive everyday use of AI and it certainly captures the imagination, particularly if you want to use it as a tool that works with you to enhance your creativity. However, AI has some even more impressive applications. Take Radiology for instance, where we are seeing some huge developments for Mammography, Oncology, MSK, X-Ray, MRI and CT.


It is quite easy to imagine a very immediate future, when every single radiological study is not just seen by your favorite radiologist, but also given a second look by his favorite AI counterpart. The use of AI in that manner would not only provide peace of mind, but would also be more efficient. In fact, there are already studies that assume full AI implementations across all healthcare institutions and they project that AI could save up to $360 billion per year in the US alone.


Yes, the concept of AI can be scary for some people just like the jump from a horse and to motor vehicles was, but a future without AI would be just as bleak now as one without cars would’ve been back then.