January 10, 2023 by Ruben Garcia 0 Comments

The Power of Simplicity


aking things simple is hard, but it show expertise.

Think back to the VHS days and how everyone had a flashing 12:00 clock because nobody made it simple to put in the correct time. Thankfully, we have come a long way since those miserable days and now most every gadget syncs up their time via the InterWeb.

So now that many things (cars, phones, airplane seat gadgets) have evolved into simpler interfaces do you still feel that the software you are using is simple and direct?

If it isn’t you should ask for better from the manufacturer and/or the decision maker that picked the software. Your clicks should be limited, your speed to getting to the information you want should be blazing and you should not need to become a Power User just to use the basics of the software.

Ask for better and easier user interfaces. No, demand it! There is no better litmus test as to whether the creator really understand your needs than for them to make it very easy for you to address them.