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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer-aided process for solving complex problems that are usually reserved for humans. More specifically, it involves machines mimicking cognitive functions typically associated with the human brain. Some examples are machine vision, pattern recognition, speech recognition, and knowledge-based decision-making in the broader sense. Distinctions are made here between classic algorithms, which follow paths that are permanently fixed by the programmer, and applications of machine learning which identify solutions independently based on supplied data.

Artificial Intelligence

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Our AI Solutions

AI DISS Offers Multi Modality Imaging Solutions

Provide decision support in multimodal imaging increase your diagnostic accuracy when interpreting medical images.



AI DISS offers multi modality imaging solutions

Magnetic Resonance

Artificial intelligence in Magnetic Resonance allows processes to be faster, but also achieving high quality images. Once the images are processed by our artificial intelligence, it supports the interpretation of the data by automatically providing you with the results of its analysis for your review and confirmation, the purpose of this new technology is to increase its accuracy and guarantee high quality results in the diagnostic decision making.

AI DISS offers multi modality imaging solutionsDecision Support


Artificial intelligence in the mammography modality is used to identify the most difficult cases and prioritize them or direct the case to the appropriate specialist. This innovative method works on all breast densities and can be adapted to almost any system.

AI DISS offers multi modality imaging solutionsDecision Support


The Chest X-ray automatically characterizes radiographic findings for a valid chest scan in the lung and pleura. It is capable of characterizing lesions (nodules, masses, and granuloma), alveolar patterns, atelectasis, pleural effusions, and pneumothorax. The algorithm not only characterizes the findings, it also automatically highlights and links them to the appropriate anatomy/location. This is extremely important as the location of a finding leads to differential diagnosis and treatment pathways. The Chest X-ray helps radiologists to save time and supports them in accurate decision-making. The Chest X-ray can process all kinds of digital chest PA X-ray images, independently of the manufacturer of the X-ray unit.

AI DISS offers multi modality imaging solutions

MRI of Prostate

Artificial intelligence in magnetic resonance focused on the prostate, provides the urologist information on the location and spatial extent of the lesions, as well as Ultrasound-guided prostate volume in the prostate gland. In this way, AI helps the radiologist in planning prostate biopsies and supports manual contouring of lesions.

AI DISS offers multi modality imaging solutionsDecision Support

Chest CT Scan

AI Chest CT Scan helps radiologists interpret chest images faster and more accurately and reduces the time required to document the findings with the help of automated measurements. We are vendor neutral, which means that the The software can evaluate image data from other manufacturers of imaging systems. Benefits: 1. Acceleration of interpretation and efficiency of workflow 2. Improved clinical results and higher precision 3. Standardized results

Artificial Intelligence and Health

Ruben Garcia Jr

Chief Technology Officer

‘’I Believe That The True Power Of Artificial Intelligence Lies In Its Ability To Understand And Recognize Patterns Much Quicker And Efficiently Than Any Human (Or Combination Of Humans) Ever Could.’’