Patient Monitoring Systems & Critical Care Equipment

Infinium Medical has been manufacturing patient monitors and other medical technologies since 1991.  Our products are designed to be intuitive, flexible, and reliable.

Patient Monitors

We have been manufacturing patient monitoring devices for over 30 years and design our monitors for ease of use, reliability, and include parameters such as Temp, BP, IBP, Resp, ECG, SpO2, EtCO2, Agent Analysis, & Cardiac Output.  

Surgical Lights

Surgical lighting technology has changed dramatically over the last decade and our newest options take advantage of the latest features while being easy to use, bright, and long-lasting.  LED technology in addition to flexible touch controls and cool running lamps will make a positive impact on your operating room.

QRS-12 Portable ECG Monitor

Request a quote today. Indicate the number of QRS-12 EKG machines you would like represented in the quote. You can also leave a message with any ques- tions or additional specifics you would like included in the quote.