Episode 12

Radiologist Performance

DISS - Corporate
DISS - Corporate
Radiologist Performance

Episode Timeline

1:50     Celebrity Would You Like

4:20     Radiologist Performance

12:00   Your Target is Better

You Know How Your Radiologists Are Reading

Are the radiological readings being done correctly?

Our Cast:

Ruben Garcia Jr.

Chief Technology Officer of DISS with more than 25 years of Digital Solutions experience.

Michael del Piero, MHA

Master of Healthcare Administration. Sales Executive of DISS Analytics of DISS with more than 16 years of experience of Analytics.


Behind The Scenes


Great easygoing episode this week!

Mariel asked us who would be our still-alive favorite celebrity to meet with and my mind immediately went to Bob Barker. 

I spent most of my childhood watching him do his thing on the set of The Price Is Right (https://priceisright.com ) and he seems like a person who could share some interesting anecdotes not just about his time there but about his overall time in Hollywood.

Interestingly, his replacement is Drew Carey (https://www.biography.com/performer/drew-carey ) who is from Cleveland, my 2nd hometown.

If you want to see an interesting story about the show, watch the Netflix documentary “Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much” (https://www.netflix.com › title › 81092327)