Episode 11

Tow-Factor Authentication

DISS - Corporate
DISS - Corporate
Two-Factor Authentication

Episode Timeline

1:12    Favorite Fast Food Item

3:57    Two Factor Authentication  

6:05    Importance Of Implementing This 

Dual Authentication

It is of great value to do it to obtain the validation of the account holder and to have the security of the information.

Bachelor’s degree in information systems, with a Masters in Information Security and Assurance. 10+ years of experience as an IT Administrator and Digital Solutions engineer, certified as a VCP-DCV6; Scale Computing Datacenter Infrastructure and Technical Support and more.

Our Cast:

Ruben Garcia Jr.

Chief Technology Officer of DISS with more than 25 years of Digital Solutions experience.

Michael del Piero, MHA

Master of Healthcare Administration. Sales Executive of DISS Analytics of DISS with more than 16 years of experience of Analytics.


Behind The Scenes


It is in spanish, but here is a link to a Pica Pollo recipe: https://www.cocinadominicana.com/542/pica-pollo

The second subject was the importance of two-factor authentication. Raymond did a great job of discussing some real world examples of how this important technology is used and why it is valuable for all of us to implement it. Do take the time to turn this security feature on particularly for all your important accounts.