What is Digital Solutions and How Does it Impact Your Company?

DISS - Corporate
DISS - Corporate
What is Digital Solutions And How Does It Impact Your Company? 

Episode Timeline

00:10   Get to Know Us!

01:30   Little Red Book of Selling!

03:10   Digital Solutions. Can you tell us what it is about?

05:20   See you Soon!

Thing Discussed Today

What is Digital Solutions?

We are experts on management of PACS and RIS with the most advanced technology to make diagnostic imaging more agile and accessible.


Digital Solutions Systems

Today we will talk about Digital Solutions and how do these systems help the workflow of a Radiology department.

Our Cast:

Ruben Garcia Jr.

Chief Technology Officer of DISS with more than 25 years of Digital Solutions experience.

Michael del Piero, MHA

(Master of Healthcare Administration). Sales Executive of DISS Analytics of DISS with more than 16 years of experience of Analytics.


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