Episode 35

Regional IT Support at DISS

DISS - Corporate
DISS - Corporate
Regional IT Support at DISS

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1:50         Favorite Book

4:20         Your Passion For Technology    

12:45       Aspect of Information Technology

  • Jorge Ortiz

Regional IT Support at DISS

  • Commercial Advertising professional with 5 years of experience in the service area, experience in the IT area with a focus on the Apple system, in companies in Miami, USA, currently Regional IT Support at DISS with certification in IT Fundamentals from Comptia

Technology Has Become The Revolution Of The World, Innovations Emerge Every Day That Change Our Lifestyle And Our Behavior, Since We Were Little We Have Enjoyed These Innovations And Today For Some It Is Our Passion.

More Efficiente Operations

Boosts IT’s Productivity

Improves Service Quality

Centralizes Communication


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