Episode 83

SchureMed Partners For Puerto Rico

DISS - Corporate
DISS - Corporate
SchureMed Partners For Puerto Rico

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00:00  Schuremed as a Company

00:00 Schuremed distributor for Puerto Rico

Founded in 1994 by Peter Schuerch, SchureMed has grown under his leadership as President and CEO. Peter’s talent for problem solving led him from the operating room to the boardroom. Today, beyond his roles as President and CEO, he plays a crucial role in the design team.

SchureMed now manufactures high quality surgical assistance devices for medical facilities all over the world. Up or down, big or small, SchureMed is putting you, and your patients, in a better position.

Our mission is to improve the operating room experience of patients and medical professionals worldwide. Our passion for innovation, quality, and safety drive us to create highly functional surgical positioning solutions that optimize results and reduce operating time through greater efficiency

SchureMed has teamed up with orthopedic surgeons to revolutionize lower extremity surgical procedures – introducing the Áristos Orthopaedic Extension.