Episode 20

Service Operations Supervisor

DISS - Corporate
DISS - Corporate
Service Operations Supervisor

Episode Timeline

0:47       Service Operations Guatemala

16:34     Spanish Version

22:05     Key Performance Indicators

Service Operations

The Key Indicators To Improve Day By Day Are Based On Measuring And Understanding What Is Done With Metrics And Recording Of Times And Task Processes. Measurement Is The Key To DISS Success.

With the sense of urgency we can save a life.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. More than 12 years of experience in the field and of these years, 6 years in the administration of technical service

Our Cast:

Ruben Garcia Jr.

Chief Technology Officer of DISS with more than 25 years of Digital Solutions experience.

Michael del Piero, MHA

Master of Healthcare Administration. Sales Executive of DISS Analytics of DISS with more than 16 years of experience of Analytics.


Behind The Scenes

We also talk about a song that represents us and from my point of view Smile by Jungle is a song that I really enjoy:

If I were to introduce myself with this song it will be “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman soundtrack  because I consider myself a dreamer and a very driven person and I am always seeking for new and better ways to do things